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How to use Faq

How to use:

Creating a New Story

Navigate to the "My Stories" page and click on "Add Story." Provide a title for your story or choose from our collection of templates, then follow the prompts to craft the initial setup of your narrative. Once done, click "Create/Save" to finalize and begin your storytelling journey.

Editing Your Story

Locate the story you want to edit on the "My Stories" page. Click on the "Edit" button next to the story title to access details such as changing categories, setting visibility, and introducing new chapters or questions. Save your changes to update your story. While editing your story, find the "Invite Users" feature. Utilize this feature to assign roles and invite others by providing their email addresses. Collaborators can now contribute to your story, enhancing the collaborative storytelling experience.

Responding to Questions

Access the story containing questions you want to respond to. Inside the story, click on the "Respond" button and you can start recording your own voice.


How do I create a new story?

Navigate to the "My Stories" page and click on "Add Story." Follow the prompts to give your story a title or choose from our templates.

How can I explore templates for my story?

During the story creation process, choose the "Explore Templates" option to discover and select pre-designed templates.

Can I edit an existing story?

Yes, click on the "Edit" button on your story to add details, change categories, set visibility, and more.

What are the privacy settings for stories?

You can set the visibility of your story to Public or Private to control who can view and interact with your story.

What is the purpose of the "Respond" button in a story?

The "Respond" button allows you to actively engage with questions within a story.

How do I invite others to contribute to my story?

In the editing mode, use the "Invite Users" feature to assign roles and invite others to participate in your story.

Is there a limit to the number of chapters I can add to a story?

No, chapters are optional and you can add as many chapters as you like to your story, allowing for a flexible and expansive narrative.

How do I delete a story?

In the editing mode simply select the "Delete story" option.

Can I use the service if I don't want to provide a name or email address?

Yes, you can explore public stories without providing personal information. However, to create your own story, respond to questions, or access additional features, providing a name and email address is required. This helps us tailor your experience and ensures the privacy of your created content.